In green

© Kurt
Green brings to my mind all happiness. It is full positive color meaning naturally live, birth, grow. I wonder way so many flora representatives are in this particular color. Is it God gave us a clue to define those feelings with green? I wonder.

It is almost a spring time, everything is full of live, plants are growing even there where they not suppose to, trees are burgeon, everything seems to be more happy, and cheerful. We go outside for a walk and entrancing the power of nature. Green makes us more positive to world, our lives and feelings.

It could be also the expression for some funny objects like this green duck,

© Iofoto
bring us luck like four leafs shamrocks,

could be healthy, testy like green unripe apples delicate acid I think.

It is also some kind of energy for me connects to pure healthy for environment energy, or just like I say before positive energy and vibrations.

Photo credits: Aprescindere, Batman2000, Alexander Chelmodeev, Iofoto, Kurt, Papuga2006, Upimages.

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