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Hi All, This is my first blog. Starting to be serious about dreamstime income opportunity. I've finally reached my 43rd image! Having a graphic design background, I decided to try out some illustration, then upload, and got accepted! I will create more illustrations! :) Come visit my stock images. :)

Photo credits: Ramon Mascarenas.
Ramon Mascarenas
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  • Arlington Heights, United States
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February 28, 2011

Thank you for all your wonderful encouragements! I love being part of the DT family! :)


February 26, 2011

Great new illustrations!


February 26, 2011

Well done!


February 26, 2011

you have also some good pictures. I like your Bonsai tree[imgr]15849373[/imgr]


February 26, 2011

good idea!


February 26, 2011

Nice idea, congratulations! And good luck here on Dt!


February 25, 2011

Well Done,Congratulations!