the green small Godzilla

The first time to the zoo, I was so exciting that never-lose in any one child, I was so surprised when I saw each animal, maybe in the eyes of others I am a very grotesquerie people. I wanted riding when I saw the horse, I wanted to catching a bird when I saw it, even I would also like to touching the tiger's fur to feel if it is very soft and very comfortable. but on the Island with chelonian and snake, I suddenly become very quiet, even breathing are afraid to wake up them, telling the truth, I really scare the snake.

I certainly did not to see the snake, first look at the chelonian, my boyfriend wanted to make a few photographs but the small guys are very uncooperative, they groveling on the beach to make a sunbath, how dallied but not move. There are two old chelonians, who were said to a longevity chelonian and a lucky chelonian, if you throw coins to it and keep it on the tortoiseshell, just not drop, then your dreams come true, I tried several times and found that I may not longevity person But should be very lucky.

There also lizards on the island, we got a few photographs, they are very cute, and I just think that it is a scaled-down version of Godzilla, the head portrait of my boyfriend’s SKYPE has always been my photo, this time it has been replaced by the lizards, I am so jealousy but not unhappy, because I just put it on my Desktop too.

Photo credits: Lu Yongli.

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May 10, 2008


nice pics - he looks scary!

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