Growing up together

When I started to be a contributor just a bit more than a year ago, I didn't have any clue what professional illustration is like and what I should do to create beautiful and unique picture. I didn't know how to draw people and my first attempts to make them weren't great success.

Still I haven't found my and my only style in graphics although my works differ from others. But the great thing is that the quality and speed of creating my artworks are increasing day by day. It helps me in my full-time job as well as in my studying. Some contributors claim that stock is rather marathon than sprint and I have to agree with it. As you grow through life as personality also you improve your skills and it is not the matter of couple of hours.

Thanks everybody and non-stop inspiration!

Photo credits: , Olyashevchenko.

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February 24, 2010


I agree with Matt below. When you have to work hard for something it means more to you when you achieve it than if it just came easily. Keep up the great work :)

February 24, 2010


good point . success is not depending on whether we are blessed with the gods , it is depending on our humanly efforts to , as Plato said, "strive for excellence".
i also remember one of Sophia Loren's famous quotes saying something like, "there are more not so talented people who are more successful than the talented ones because they work harder and give more to doing what they love to do".

February 24, 2010


Welcome back Olyashevchenko! Nice illustrations indeed! Keep going & good luck ;)

February 24, 2010


I think your pictures are really nice! Good work and good luck!

February 24, 2010


smartview27 - Thanks a lot! You have great portfolio!

February 24, 2010


I wish you to find your own style and to have success in life!

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