Guadalajara Mexico

After returning from our vacation to Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara Mexico I have come to the conclusion that people in Mexico like bright colors like purple, green, pink etc. Every building has a combination of these colors. The whole building can make a good subject or just a small part of the building. In Tlacapaque there are many restaurants that serve tequila and food. Tlacapaque is known for its tequila and nightly entertainment from mariachi bands. Souvenirs are sold almost everywhere in Guadalajara and many of them make good subjects for photography.

Catholicism is the dominant religion in Mexico and there is no shortage of churches in Guadalajara. One of my wife's relatives complains that there are too many churches but they are all very beautiful. Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico yet one of the most beautiful with its colonial architecture.

If you get a chance, visit Tlacapaque and have a shot of tequila while listening to a mariachi band.

© Ene

Photo credits: Ene, Krylon80, Richard Gunion.

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