Guidelines to create a concept for your illustration

Guidelines to create a concept for your Illustrations

Once you have selected the name for the illustration the next important part is to get the concept for the illustration. The process is similar to selecting the name for the illustration and is done as follows

•Determine the content and nature of your Illustrations

1.what your illustration should say about your company. to represent your company- There are many ways to do this

oYou may come up with an image related to a business like a house for a real estate or a car for a car dealer

oIt could be just an abstract image representing company’s philosophy – Not all business can be easily associated with any kind of image. For example a programming company doesn't have many images to be associated with (except a computer), so in this situation it would be recommended just to concentrate on an abstract image and just to represent the feel of the companies' business rather then just coming up with a particular image.

oFor companies dealing with more than one business, they would prefer to have a more generic image.

•Make your illustration simple and meaningful-People can easily memorize a simple object with some kind of meaning.

•Advertise your illustration -Most people who order a illustration want it to look like that of some other well branded companies like McDonalds or AOL. These great logos are very recognizable only because they are well advertised.

•Give a good feel to your illustration – What kind of feeling does the illustration transmit while standing alone as well as in a crowd? Make sure to

1.Avoid too many sharp edges as they can create a feeling of danger or caution

2.Use a color which makes the illustration look noticeable but not too intimidating.

•Let your illustrations to a particular place, industry, or even a person, depending upon the purpose of the company and the marketplace.

•Use an art style that is unique, easily reproducible, and is suitable for your business its market.

Photo credits: Maa-illustrations.

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