Half a step from exclusivity

Hey duys,

49 files online...

Water in Desert

Being half a step from applying for exclusivity...

Awfully excited!

Colorful Emotions

Any advice from experienced exclusive DT members would be appreciated!

Greeting Card

Photo credits: Msalena.
  • Msalena
Thanks to everyone, who took interest in my works!

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January 21, 2014

Almost welcome to the Exclusivity Club... Good luck.


January 20, 2014

Shoot macro images in Winter and out of doors photography in Spring ans Summer.
Illustrations do well here ! Use a tripod and keep everything clean at 100%......... have faith and don't be desperate to upload unless high quality unique images. David


January 20, 2014

Did you notice that the assignment for this month was white?


January 19, 2014

Great! Very well that apply exclusivity! Then my advice is keep uploading! And keep shooting! Sales will come! Continue to use the white background and new concepts!