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Halloween lands on 31st October the night before ' All Hallows 'or ' All Saints Day ' on 1st November.

I've bought a Halloween mug for a few pence at a car boot sale

and as far away as Crete seen the skull and cross bone flag flying in Sissi .

However last year there was a celebration of Halloween organised by the Inverness City Council which took place on an island in the middle of the River Ness just up stream from Inverness Castle and it commenced at 7pm and lasted until 9pm and the event was repeated on successive nights.

I took my Nikon D700 with off camera flash. This is essential to avoid red eye when shooting at night.

There were loads of Dracula-like figures some bleeding; other figures came forth out of the graves. For portraits of participants take lots of shots and for that reason carry lots of spare batteries for the flash gun. Here are some examples of images I captured on a dry dark night............. very scary for younger children.

There were even musicians and angels !

The fiddler in an orchestra looked like Dracula's brother and posed for me.......... quite a few didn't.

One of the hardest shots which excited me was of a witch in the trees on her broomstick............. she didn't stay still and made my job in the dark quite difficult.

Two young witches side by side dressed in black caught my eye !

No event in Scotland is complete without a soldier dressed in tartan. I think this soldier has been stabbed and is bleeding to death

I nearly forgot but the organisers didn't to include a zombie

I've written this blog for newbies.............. its an event so no model releases required.

As always focus on the eyes....... use fairly high values of ASA and get in close.

Good luck with your pictures this coming Halloween !

Photo credits: David Watmough.

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October 10, 2013


Good luck with your Halloween images.

October 07, 2013


Sorry but I hadn't heard of that ! My images look creepy enough with ordinary well focused eyes ! If I submitted images with red eye
[ I mean unintended ] the editors would reject them wouldn't they ?'

October 07, 2013


@Davidwatmough i have red Contact Lenses for this Halloween. How you will avoid my red eyes? ;o)
Don`t shoot me? *hihi*

October 07, 2013


I haven't see red eyes at Halloween only in flash photography when the retina is illuminated and seen as red. Off axis flash ( off camera ) minimizes or avoids this.

October 07, 2013


at Halloween all eyes are red, why to avoid?! :)

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