Halloween Creatures: the Black Cat

How can a pet photographer have a stock portfolio relevant to holidays such as Halloween? Easy! Think of those scary, macabre or spooky animals related to All Hallows Eve.

Scary black cat

Of the few domestic animals associated with that haunted holiday of Halloween, the one at the top of the list is the black cat. That favorite feline of the witching hour! What gathering of thirteen witches would be complete without a mascot… a coven kitty?

Black cats have always been omens of superstition. Perhaps it is their dark garb which is so reminiscent of the midnight hour (and often so hard to properly expose in a photograph!). Or perhaps it is their silent stealth which sneaks up so invisibly. All of a sudden you sense a pair of piercing yellow eyes glaring through your soul! And depending upon where you live in this world, the path crossed by a black cat will harbor either good or ill.

But because of these silly superstitions associated with these silky-slick felines, the animal shelter always makes extra-special scrutiny of adoption applications received in the weeks leading up to Halloween. While many may associate the black cat with Halloween, the cats themselves actually prefer August 17… the ASPCA designated “Black Cat Appreciation Day”!

Photo credits: William Wise.

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And by the way, the kitty featured in the article was one at the humane society where I shoot. She was picked up by a rescue after her photo session hit the internet! William


It doesn't scare me but I do love this pose! LOL


An amazing capture and the reality is it's really a scary picture, perfect for Halloween.

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