Halloween Creatures: the Spider

Spotted Orbweaver on spider web, Georgia USA

In my last blog, we asked how a wildlife photographer could keep a stock portfolio relevant to upcoming holidays such as Halloween. The answer? Creepy Creatures! There are plenty of scary, macabre and spooky animals related to Halloween that can fill an animal photographer’s portfolio.

Take the spider! (Well, no thanks, not me. I won’t take the spider!) Just the thought of those spindly, hairy legs lightly creeping across your skin can make your hair stand up! Halloween aside, I’ve always gotten the heebie jeebies when it comes to arachnids!

Perhaps it is that sticky silk woven into webs to trap unsuspecting prey. It may give us the subconscious idea of the curses woven by those Halloween witches. Either way, it is no thrill to walk through a dark wood and be lashed across the face by an unseen web… and wonder if the maker is now in your hair or crawling down your back.

And those eyes, hundreds of eyes! One superstition is that the dead could peer upon the living through the eyes of a spider. No wonder these little creepy crawlies and their webs are favorite decorations at Halloween!

So fill that stock portfolio with arachnids near Halloween!

Photo credits: William Wise.

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October 11, 2018


For Halloween I always tend to go for the pumpkins!

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