Halloween tutorial (part 1)

Over the coming weekend (and possibly into next week?) i'll be posting a series of photoshop tutorials for the halloween season that's almost upon us. I've done a couple of halloween related images before ( haunted house, evil face) but have found a lot more out there so i'll start this short series off with a tutorial on how to make a cool Jack-o-lantern. Try it out and maybe come up with images as good as these?

Have fun.


Here's a couple more i've found.-

2nd jack-o-lantern tutorial

3rd jack-o-lantern tutorial

4th jack-o-lantern tutorial

© Goosey
© Lisafx

Photo credits: Dewayne Flowers, Genericamerican0, Bruce Parrott, Judwick, Lisa F. Young.

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September 15, 2007


I've found some other tutorials for jack-o-lanterns that i've put up here too.

September 14, 2007


I love Halloween. :) It's so much fun, and it brings a closing to the hectic year so the next can start fresh and new. :) Well, for me, anyway. =D
Below is a link to The History Channel's articles regarding Halloween's history, "spooky recipes", and much more!

September 14, 2007


I love the jack-o-lanterns! Very cool.

Jackolantern related image searches