Hampi, absolute paradise for Explorers

Our recent trip to Hampi was so awesome that still we dream about the time, spent there....in the midst of ancient ruins, temples, rocks and bank of serene lakes.

We knew that we would go there someday...will get many photogenic spots to load our cards with bunch of photos...but what we did not know is..the place still retains its ancient charm..ancient enough to give you the feel of 600 years old India...So many times we kept the camera aside and just sat quietly...Watching sunset from a hilltop...looking at the reflection in sacred ponds...sipping morning tea at Hemakuta hill while listening to the 'Om namah Shivaya' chant, coming from the Virupaksha temple...exploring unknown ways through the large boulders or the karaoke ride in the serene water of Sanapur lake...'Amazing' the 7 letter word will not be enough to justify the feeling....

In northern Karnataka, Hampi was under ancient kingdom of Vijaynagara and currently it is a UNESCO world heritage site where tourists come from numerous nations to visit the ancient India! The place has got ample amount of Historic stuffs to explore and it is one of the major spots of Indian tourism.

Historic Hampi Virupaksha Temple in India

Historic ruins of a fort at Hampi, India

Historic ruins at Hampi in India

Historic Hampi sacred tank in India

Historic Hampi lotus Mahal in India

Mountain Horses in Historic place

Historic Hampi Vittala Temple in India

A coracle boatman in Hampi lake

Historic ruins at Hampi in India

Watching sunset from the hilltop

Photo credits: Freedomsfolio.

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Thank you everyone :)


Stunning photos and interesting blog -thanks.


Very nice place!


Thanks much friends :) glad u liked them


So interesting.Awesome photographs.


Beautiful photographs and an exciting journey.




Beautiful photos and article. Thanks so much for sharing!


Thanks a lot friends for appreciations.. :)
Babar760.....as I mentioned that's a major tourist spot in India and thousands of tourists visit the place. Just that, I posted only those shots which do not have any human. Coz I can't provide model release :)


Beautiful! Thank you for sharing and congratulations!


Nice photos! Congratulations!


Boy, the place is beautiful, but it also looks deserted! Were there any tourists besides you? Is this an abandoned city?


I would love to travel there...


Amazing images, well done, congratulations!


Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.



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