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How many blogs am I supposed to have? Just about every site I go to now reminds me I haven't posted to my blog. I thought one blog was enough. I had my own little simple http://teresasdesk.wordpress.com blog. And life was good. No one reminded me I hadn't blogged yet today. No one nagged me to start a new one. Life was good.

But I saw that other people had more than one blog and a life event was approaching so I decided to start another blog and document that event. And so it was. http://thisistheyearthat.wordpress.com Well, that didn't last long. I posted on it through April of that year. And I had another blog to record health issues. Don't remember the last time I posted on it. And I started another one that is private, recording dye recipes and now I've added my soap recipes. One day that one might become a book. I'll need to add photos, though.

Anyway. Here's another one. I spent some time looking at statistics today. Microstock has been very good to me. I put a lot of work into this. First I had to learn what the heck I was doing. I didn't have a clue. But I wanted it and I learned it. I have to thank some great photographers and teachers for their patience. One of my heroes is Lauren Rinder. He would get frustrated with the whole microstock community, but would keep coming back to the forums to help people like me. Another great teacher, a complete opposite of Lauren, is the late Bob 'The Miz' Mizerek. He would get on Yahoo Messenger, have me upload my photos and he would go over them with me, telling me why they wouldn't be accepted and what to do to fix them. It seemed to be his mission to get me (and others) accepted as contributors at as many microstock sites as possible.

For the past year or so, I have been focusing my attention on Fiber Arts rather than Photography. I even submit photos of my hand dyed yarn and wool occasionally. But sales, though they may drop, continue on even when I don't submit. The income continues and the early work I put in learning, photographing, editing, tagging, and submitting is still paying cold, hard cash. And Life is Good.

Photo credits: Teresa Levite.

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June 12, 2010


Give it a little bit of time. Knitting and crocheting are growing in popularity like crazy in the U.S. Photos of your incredible fiber could become great sellers very soon. This economy is changing our sensibilities, and going back to handmade goods is one of them. Here's to the future, and to the great portfolio you already have. And love your new passion. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

June 04, 2010


ARENACREATIVE.. thanks for posting the tuts. I remember them well! The tractor is actually one of my images he used for the tutorial! I agree he would have wanted to share these with others.

June 03, 2010


We all miss Bob. Little by little (as soon as I find the time) I'm reposting his old tutorials on my blog - here is the link for anyone interested.

He would have wanted his tutorials out there and helping others, not rotting away on some hard drive.

June 03, 2010


Nicely said! I don't know how people do other things with all the blogging going on! I have to say I was a lucky one to receive the same type of help from MIZ. In print he seemed so harsh but to speak to him he was VERY humorous and direct! I sure miss him. Thanks for the DT blog! Cheers.. Eti

May 29, 2010


Nice blog! I like your portfolio! You can say by watching your photos that you had great teachers! :)

May 28, 2010


You have a lovely portfolio and 1.92 downloads per image. Long may your success continue. David.

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