Hang in there Newbies

I've reached a personal milestone today. I know to some of the contributors here this is really nothing. But to me it is definitely encouraging for myself. I've reach a total revenue of $500 USD and reached 2.5 downloads per image. I'm quite happy. I've been here for just over 1 year. Every month's return has gotten better and better. And payouts seem to have come faster and faster.

I would still classify myself as a newbie compared to some of the contributors here on Dreamstime. But to all those Newbies, hang in there and you'll see your work payout at the end. Time is on your side when it comes to stock photos.

Below is the milestone photo.

Best of luck.

Photo credits: Shannon Neal, Retina2020.

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Thanks a lot! By the way, I can see why you sell that much, well done and well deserved!


Thank you for the encouragement. There are days that you wonder if this is all worth the hard work. Glad to know there is light at the end of this tunnel.


Great to hear your view,it is really encouraging,I joined 17thJan so really a baby here LOL,its good to read your blog,Thank you for sharing. Jo


Congrats and best of luck during the upcoming year! I am a newbie too, I am uploading pictures from around a month, and hope to have some success soon.
Best luck to everyone


Thanks to everyone's gracious comments. All the best to everyone for 2009!!!


Congrats, nice pictures!


Thank you for the encouraging words! There's soooo much to learn but I'm having fun with it. Your pictures are great.


Yes congrats. and well done.I"m way behind.


Thanks so much for your encouragement and congratz on your achievement!!!


Congratulations, keep up the great work!!!!!


congratulations! :D


Retina2020 - in the meanwhile i had a chance to view your portfolio - very impressive :-)
i do admit i have a special affection for animals (especially cats and dogs :-))


Thanks for the congrats but the Kitty shot is by Shannon Neal. I thought it was the perfect shot for this blog.


Congrats :-) very good achievement ! Keep on the good work!
The "kitty" shot is gorgeous !!!!!


Congrats! This is encouraging :)


Congrats! Every milestone is a reason to celebrate!


That is awesome. I've only had one payout so it's good to hear from others who have been here a short time, too, and are making great headway. Congratulations!


Thanks Retina2020, I have spent most of my time concentrating on getting images uploaded and accepted that I may have overlooked this portion a little. I will go through images and check keywords and see if this helps.


Hey Fultonsphoto. Your animal and landscape photos are great. I'm surprised that there isn't a lot of views on the photos. When views are low, it may mean the keywords are not appropriate or not hitting the right audience. I hope that helps.


You'll find that once you get to a certain amount of downloads, your earnings go up quickly because photos increase in levels and hence higher RPD.


Thanks, needed the encouragment :0)


This is encouraging, thank you. In addition, congratulations on reaching your milestone!


WOW! Thank you for your encoragement. It helps spur me on (yes, I am a newbie). :)

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