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I am counting the weeks... till such a time that I can start counting days... till such a time that I can start counting hours... till the moment that I can walk out of this place knowing that I never have to walk back in here again.

Finally, the moment has come where the chains can be unlinked, when new horizons can be explored, when all things have come together and conspired to grant me a new beginning. 2007 has lived up to its promises in the most surprising and unexpected of manners. Some events that I had conciously decided to bring about at the end of last year, and others have been so wondorously unexpected but nevertheless enormously blessed.

A new start, fresh motivation, restored enthusiasm... A change is truly as good as a feast. Gone the old frustrating job, gone the dreary routine of coming back to an empty home, gone the perplexed musings of what to do next... Now there remains nothing but the wide open spaces of endless possibilities...

Photo credits: Ahmad Faizal Yahya, Vincentius Kresnata Wibowo, Ilexx, Kamensky.


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