Happy 1st of April)))

© Aelita

The city I live in – Odessa – is considered by Ukrainians and its inhabitants a capital of humour. I don’t know whether it’s Odessa’s warm climate (the city is located on the cost of the Black Sea), or there’s just something in the air, but people here are very open-minded and with a good sense of humour. That’s why every year on the April 1st we celebrate the Day of Humour with a traditional parade, different competitions and concerts. This is the day when you shouldn’t believe anyone, as everybody is very inventive with their jokes))))). So if somebody tells you that you have won one million dollars or simply that your back is white or your shoelaces have come undone – in most cases it’s not truth)).

I know the tradition to celebrate the 1st of April is widely spread all over the world.

On this day I just want to wish you all a lot of good and sincere laughter as it can really make you live longer.

A simple smile can raise your mood, lighten the surrounding world

and make others happy.

So try to start your day with a smile

and be ready to laugh at a good joke and even at yourself

and the world will definitely become a better place.

Oh, and watch your back – it’s white!)

Photo credits: Olena Chyrko, Gabriel Blaj, Katn1999, Olga Krotova, Jurijs Novikovs, Tan510jomast.

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April 13, 2010


I hope it's not very late: Happy 1st of April!

April 06, 2010


Thank you for your comment.adyroma2004@yahoo.it

April 03, 2010


Hey, thanks for using my picture in this article.
And happy 1st of April, happy Easter to you and your family.

April 02, 2010


I loosed a day so i will tell you Happy April :)I hope you had fun and laughing also.Thank you for using a photo of mine in your blog .
Congratulations for your Assignment file and wish you good luck!
Happy Easter too!

April 01, 2010


Thank you all for your nice comments!
And Matt, you made me laugh, as always)))
Kelley, this pic was just what I needed to illustrate the possibility to laugh even in some serious situations)

April 01, 2010


hoho^^ happy April Fool ^^

April 01, 2010


That is a wonderful blog! I only recently learned that April Fool's is NOT just an American celebration. It's wonderful to know that people are joking around and laughing all over the world today.

And thank you SO much for using one of my pics! No one has ever done that before. I am off to a great start this month for "firsts".

Happy sales to you!!!

April 01, 2010


ha!ha!... you are the loveliest person in the world . you actually picked one of my self portraits to show off to the world how incredible looking I am!(eat your heart out Tom Cruise)
I am taking the first plane to your country to knock on your door with my wedding troupe. I am taking you to the nearest church to get you married to me !!! don't worry, i will bring the bridal gown too for you to wear.
(ha!ha!... no, April Fool !)
seriously, you're a fine person . thanks and God Bless :)

April 01, 2010


Happy First April to you too!

April 01, 2010


Happy 1st of April too

April 01, 2010


April Fool is known all over the world, but it's nice to know a place where the sense of humor is in high levels! Cheers ;)

April 01, 2010


What a great article you wrote! I enjoyed reading it! Well done. =)

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