happy birthday ,..

Many happy returns

here's the car key & credit card..

just kidding...

I am nice, but not that nice. You buy your own wheels and

use your own credit card to fill the gas tank, lol

maybe if I sell enough microstock photos I just might

buy you a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Or better still, if you buy enough bottles of champagne

to get me a bit tipsy, I might just be under the influence

to let you get me to give you the car key and credit card.

For now, let's eat cake :)

Photo credits: , Tan510jomast.

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Looks like your having a blast!


thanks for coming over everyone.
It wasn't actually my birthday. I went to a place where they had celebrated a birthday and I just thought I could get the props for free . So I ask if I could take some home with me. They said, sure, we are going to throw it away anyway. Take what you want. Of course I wanted to take the leftover champagne too, but they said, "nice try".
just kidding..

so I took these home. Set it up in my studio, and bought my own champagne and there you have it.

Happy Birthday to whoever had a birthday this month or something coming.
Download my photos . Use your credit card, DT accepts cc :)


What a party! Thanks, it was fun!


beautiful photo!


Great photos! Congrats!!! :)


Thanks for the cake. Happy Birthday!


Great images.... If you get tipsy give us a call we won't let you get alone...


We will help you getting tipsy... :P

 Man choosing a champagne bottle 



very cute and great photos

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