Happy Birthday... USA?

I couldn't help myself, I had to check the DT News archives to be sure, and as I was afraid I would discover...

Back on July 4th there was no "Happy Birthday, USA" announcement. I can only hope this was an oversight, considering DT's ties to the USA run just as deep or deeper than Romania.

So come July 4th, 2011, I am sure we'll all see a star-spangled, red, white & blue DT logo gracing everyone's favorite stock site? ;-)

Photo credits: Irochka.

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OK so one more additional information I got from here "Dreamstime was born in Romania"


I understand that Romania is much easier for the global community to embrace, since it is more European, and its emergence from under the oppressive thumb of Communism as a cultural and technology development powerhouse makes it very warm/fuzzy/trendy. Any love shown for the USA may come across as arrogant, but really it is just a matter of giving credit where credit is due for what is likely DT's largest market, and just as responsible for DT's continued success as Romania is for its origins.


Keith you made no mistake, you just expressed your opinion! But expressing your opinion while we're far from the 4th of July and you didn't even post your congrats in the thread for Romania was not nice in my opinion.
Respect for all!


No blame needed and no mistake was made on your part... just want to make sure the good ol' USA gets her props DT style... the July 4th blog is a great call!


I think this is because I made the " mistake" to start the log with " I love you Romania" and then Achilles thought about transforming it in something bigger. Maybe if someone will start a blog on 4 th of July it will get the same treatment. I`m saying this because the admins are not the one`s to blame, but me :P


So... if Romania & USA are the 2 home bases, shouldn't they get equal birthday billing? That's all I am saying - nothing malicious - really.


Deedeedixon.... where did I object to "a company honoring their roots"? Nowhere. Only said the omission of USA b-day was odd. That said, on the DT contact page, this is one of the addresses (the other is in Romania):

Dreamstime LLC
1616 Westgate Circle
Brentwood, TN 37027
United States


I'm not sure why anybody would object to a company honoring their roots. As an American, I am a bit embarassed that anybody would make an issue of this. Actually, I am a bit surprised that it even occurred to anybody that there was an oversight to the USA's birthday. sorry, I don't get it.


Every country at her time :P


Dreamstime was born in Romania. This is the reason.

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