happy birthday - you're stupid and old

well thats how i felt today anyway. yes,it was my birthday, i am now 52. an achievement in a way, i have lost many friends at a much,much younger age.

© Iofoto

however, today it seemed every piece of technology in my house was out to get me

my eyes were blurry from trying to use my glasses to photograph in macro

my head hurt all day and still does

i need to lose weight. i have been craving comfort foods since my dad died and i have put a lot of weight back on that i had lost and of course the extra weight makes my feet hurt .

my brother asked if i had been old and cranky all day and i had to say yes i had been.

but tomorrow is a new beginning and some rest, patience and reading the directions will go a long way towards having a better day.

so on to day number 18,981 ( or 52 years +1 day)

Photo credits: Dennis Cox, Sebastian Kaulitzki, Fred Goldstein, Iofoto, Jason Schulz.

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August 06, 2007


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday!

I started this with my mom, when i had my birthday I would give her a present.. "Birth" "Day".. she thought that was funny!

August 04, 2007


thank you!

August 04, 2007


Happy B-day Denise! Sandy

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