Happy Chinese New Year, Roosters!

Here's to our energetic, lovely, trustworthy, determined, brave and smart friends born in the year of Rooster. We would like to take this opportunity to show you the most downloaded images in China in 2016. It's an interesting top and we want to share it with you. Our research will show you that the most downloaded images relate to categories such as nature, design&pattern, animals, travel, kids.

So here it is:

When it comes to the travel part, buyers preferred well-known destinations such as Venice, Italy. All in all, travel-related images have been downloaded many times as Europe, for example, has become a very popular holiday destination for the Chinese in the recent years. A study reports that Italy has now become one of the top European destinations for Chinese tourists. Venice is so in vogue among them that there's actually a copycat city in China resembling Venice with all those canals and gondolas offering gondola rides.

Canal Grande panorama at sunset, Venice, Italy

Home is where the flower pots are so take a look at this simple, yet beautiful and stylish home which is one of the winners in terms of downloads. It seems that Scandinavian interior decoration style is in great demand all over the world, China included. Maybe those long Northern winters put the creativity to work.

Flower pots on the table

And then we're moving on the other side, miles away into the galaxy, with an image taken from the moon. The buyers' interest in this kind of topic might be related to China's plans of Moon exploring missions in the following years. They even plan to land people on it, and eventually settle a moon colony.

Blue earth seen from the moon surface

Going back to more cozy stuff, one of the hits is a ball of white wool. Who can resist a ball of fluffiness? And did you know that China is the biggest buyer of Australian wool?

Ball of white wool yarn on cardboard background

Patterns have been among the most purchased images. As vivid and joyful as possible, these patterns are the perfect gift wrappers, or wallpapers to say welcome to the spring. Buyers from China had a crush on vintage posters and colorful patterns with flowers, butterflies, red hearts or cherry blossom.

Hand drawn watercolor floral seamless pattern with tender pink roses in on the light blue background

Happy smiling kids make the world go round and they bring so much hope in our lives. That's probably one of the reasons such images made buyers from China repeatedly hit the download button. Other reason might be the growing interest of the foreigners in relocating with their families in this country.

Cute baby girl shone with happiness, curly hair

Images with nature have been popular since always so this top couldn't have missed them. A stunning view of Kura River in Georgia can make you book your next trip. In addition to images related to nature, animals and birds got most of the downloads. More specific, an image with two hippos. Did you know that a Chinese zoo has built a special four foot-long toothbrush to clean the teeth of its hippopotamuses?

Two hippo's fighting

Analyzing the images, we can observe that our buyers from China tend to prefer rich patterns, vivid colors, and complex compositions. While minimalism has gained a lot of fans among our European clients lately, it seems that the opposite works best in China: high contrasts, bright colors and crowded elements, yet - with a clear subject matter, so it wouldn't hurt the concept.

There are more images that reached this top, so please enjoy them and, why not, download them from our collection HERE.

Photo credits: Anastasiia Ochkivska, Katarzyna Bialasiewicz, Kevin Gillot, Minnystock, Romolo Tavani, Rohappy, Sf1nks.

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February 02, 2017


Thanks for you all!

February 02, 2017


Great assortment of images, very well done, Happy New Year!

January 30, 2017


Great images

January 28, 2017


people have always like the most beautiful thing on earth, but who make things ugly, and why not look at them or trying to repair every errors. Thus, the whole world would look beautiful to everyone. I'm I right?. Stop nature destruction. feed and give space to even wild animals to be free. grow more of beautiful flowers and fruits, free human from hypocrisy and torture. then the whole world will be happy. its then we can say " Happy New Year, Kung Chi Fat Choy.

January 26, 2017



January 24, 2017


hippo's love seen in water

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