Happy Diwali !

Dear fellow photographers @ Dreamstime,

Wishing you all happy and prosperous Diwali.

For those who are unaware about Diwali festival, please find the following :-

Diwali is one of the most significant and celebrated festivals of Hindus in India and residing all over the globe.It is usually celebrated towards the end of the calender year during November.

In Diwali people buy new clothes, sweets , and gift them to near and dear ones.Houses and properties are cleaned and white washed.

Some communities worship Goddess Lakshmi during Diwali. Children and elders celebrate Diwali by lighting earthen lamps in homes and firing crackers.

Traditionally, as per Hindu mythology, it all started when Lord Ram , a Hindu God, returned to his Kingdom, Ayodha, with his brother, Lord Lakshman and wife, Goddess Sita, ater 14 years of exile.His subjects welcomed him by lighting lamps throughout the Kingdom.

Photo credits: Subhrajyoti Parida.

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November 06, 2010


Happy Diwali, even if I read too late this post!...:-)

November 06, 2010


Happy Diwali! ;)

November 05, 2010


Thanks for sharing, and Happy Diwalli!

November 05, 2010


Happy Diwali! Hellooooo!!!

November 05, 2010


Happy Diwali!

November 05, 2010


Happy Diwali to you also :-)


November 05, 2010


Happy Diwali to you my friend, may the devine light of Diwali spread in your life peace, prosperity, & happiness.

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