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Happy Easter! Spring brings fresh ideas

Its often good to give one self creative challenges. Living in the northern regions spring and Easter always seems farther off then perhaps in the rest of the country. A trip a few hours south from here will reveal a landscape several weeks in the future with green grass and tulips while back home we still have snow on the ground.

When I first challenged myself to create spring and Easter images I had photographer's block but once I got going I really got into it and couldn't stop.

Spring time from pagan rituals to Christian stories of resurrection is all about renewal. Renewal of nature as the drab, cold landscape warms and comes alive with new plants and the birth of baby animals. Chicks, lambs, eggs, bunnies, flowers and bright colors are all part of the spring season.

Even antique cars are washed off an brought out of storage now that the threat of salt ridden roads fades. I'm still waiting for the plants to wake up outside but meanwhile in the studio I can create an idyllic spring.

Photo credits: Peanutroaster.

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April 09, 2012


These are great, Edward! I love the dog in the car and the woman looking in the window. You always have great articles and I so enjoy hearing about the ways you jumpstart your creativity. Thanks for sharing.

April 09, 2012


I just love thr lost in the weeds one!
Go go go for Spring images!

April 07, 2012


Yes, Happy Easter - to you and everyone on DT!

April 06, 2012


Happy Easter!

April 06, 2012


Happy Easter !

April 06, 2012


Beautiful images, happy Easter to you too!!!

April 05, 2012


Happy Easter to you too

April 05, 2012


Great images, happy Easter to you too.

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