Happy Halloween

It's time to get out and shoot some Halloween photos if you haven't already. I'm heading to the farmer's market tomorrow to get some pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn and mums, and planning some shoots for next week on my friend Sarah's front porch. Her house was built in the 1700's - really old in this neck of the woods. I thought I 'd share some of my older work both for Halloween and the fall season here just because as photographers, graphic artists and designers we love taking, manipulating and drawing pictures and we love looking at them too.

Funny story about gravestone photos. My editor had called to ask if I could get her some shots of the cemetery under a full moon as quickly as possible since the deadline was imminent.

My husband and I had been out watching a friend's band play and were heading home right about midnight. The moon was gorgeous and he said why not grab your camera now? So , I did and we went up to the cemetery. Despite the moonlight there were lots of trees so he left the car headlights on (and fell asleep in the car) as I got out with my tripod and camera and started shooting.

Suddenly I see a few flashing lights in the distance and then watched as two police cars headed up the hill. I guessed correctly where they were headed and shot as quickly as I could before they arrived. I stayed calmly at my tripod as a police officer got out and approached me.

The cop said that once she saw my tripod, she realized it wasn't kids messing about and causing trouble as they'd expected, and she got all the info to call my editor and confirm my story. So, no arrests, the magazine went to press with the photos, and my adventure in the graveyard had a happy ending. My husband slept through the whole thing.

PS The graveyard photos above were taken in daylight in a different cemetery and were shot solely for stock. I need to locate the hard drive with those moonlit ones and get them up here! If I'm successful, new blog to follow :)

Hope you enjoy and maybe find some inspiration or even something you can use in your next project. Hope this is useful and thanks for taking a look!

Photo credits: , Marianne Campolongo.

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October 30, 2015



October 27, 2015


Happy Halloween to you too ;)

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September 25, 2013


Great images, I'm sure they will sell very well.

September 24, 2013


nice concept :) i'll make new fresh Halloween image too ;)

September 23, 2013


Thanks for share! I hope we can see those moonlight cemetery images!

September 21, 2013


Nice story.............. it's how you tell them that counts. Make lots of sales this Halloween !

September 21, 2013


Happy Halloween and boo hoo hoo:)










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