So happy!!! I am getting approvals immediately after submission :)

Like many of you, I am the one who has an internet dependance problem :) I used to sit long hours on dating sites, and when I first uploaded few images here, i realized that DT becomes a new friendly place in the web that turned my focus away from my careless succession of partners towards the different form of balance between a good mood and challenge. Attached is the pic that I shoot a week ago. One was rejected initially due to CAPITAL LETTERS in description, but when i reuploaded it again, to my surprise it was approved IMMEDIATELY :). Thanks to editors, - this is inspiring! :) And i would like to break all rules and shout out loud with big letters - THIS IS INSPIRING!!!!! :-)

Photo credits: Goldution.

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Keep on working.... : )


I wish you good luck! Nice pics! ;) Keep uploading...


LOL now that sounds crazy! Good luck :)

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