happy new year!!!

happy new year!!

today,I want to talk about Chinese Spring Festival。

In China,usually the Chinese Spring Festival we called Chinese new year,then the "years" and "Spring Festival" is the kind of relationship?

In fact the year is Spring Festival, Chinese New Year is the year, but both the origin and meaning is slightly different, "year" means that more folk.In ancient folklore, the year is a kind of bad luck will bring the monster."year" of come, the trees will withered,tens of thousands of trees and vegetation will die,it will be eating people.the "year" once in the past,All things will be grew,and bloom everywhere.therefore,when the "year" come,people have to hide in the home,such as "years" have passed, and then,which go out to celebrate.How to be the "year" then drive away? People on the renewal, the "year" in large firecrackers critical juncture, with a view to "years" off.

at last,I want to said,Chinese Spring Festival is the equivalent of foreign Christmas.

Photo credits: Ling Cui, José Marafona.

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Happy Chinese New Year!

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