Happy and sad..

Before,I have never earned $20 (for three pictures) in two days..

I was so happy this thing really happened.

However, this is like a bubble, it disappeared very fast due to customer refund(reason: credit card fraud).

So sad.. :(

Anyone has experienced this situation?

Here is one of the picture:

Photo credits: Woo Bing Siew.

Your article must be written in English



It´s a bad new for everybody at Microstock market. One new topic to deal with. Is there any something to do at this respect?


Don't worries. I have earned back what I lost.. :)


That's a big disappointment!!!! I didn't know that buyers could do that. But I do understand the credit card fraud part.


oh wow, that's too bad. It is a great photo though!


It happens... That is the world we live in...
I am also against refunding policy for Vector files too...


I am most than astonished to read that you have had no reply from support. I myself remember having answered some mails on this topic. If you write during week-end days, please allow until Monday or Tuesday the latest to receive reply.


For me it's always like that. Whenever I earn some extra money they disappear in some kind of payment or whatever. But it's always better than nothing.


First kudos to DT that they allowed such post here. When I lost money I had posted a blog, but was deleted immediately by site admins. I felt like adding salt on the wound (Indian Proverb) Yes coming back to the blog, yes it happened to me four times in one year. Also one a vector which was downloaded for 10 USD was refunded saying the buyer didn't like the image. As usual no answer from support. I understand credit card fraud, but buyer returning downloaded image was really un thinkable. Anyways lets hope DT follows stricter rules.


Happend to me recently as well, and from message boards and comments it seems this is a growing concern, but how to stop it is the question?


Yes, for the past year I also experienced this. but this time is a bit too much. I hope this will not happen too often..


Same here, I experienced this a few times over the past year. The most was 2.00.


ooo, too bad!!! :(((

IT HAPPENED TO ME, too! Twice this year I think...


That must be horrible!
Good Luck!

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