Happy Spring!

We all get to experience Spring at slightly different times of year. I moved to Salmon Arm over a year ago, and really enjoy the Springtime here. It helps that most of these were taken in my own yard, but it doesn't really matter where you go it is hard to not have your spirits lifted by the renewal of nature:

Spring buds

Bee collecting pollen

Bluebells in garden

Spring buds with background

Purple flowers in garden

Crocus in bloom

I know that ultimately these won't be my best sellers, but I still love to take them :) How about you - when does Spring come in your part of the world?

Photo credits: Brad Calkins.
Brad Calkins
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  • Bradcalkins
  • Salmon Arm, Canada

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May 15, 2014

Beautiful images. Good luck.


May 14, 2014

   Daffodil HIll    Spring is here in most of the US too


May 14, 2014



May 14, 2014

Beautiful macrophotos, congrats!


May 12, 2014

Love your picture of the purple crocus!!! Here's a tulip and some hyacinths for you!
[imgl]40385864[/imgl] [imgl]40385774[/imgl]


May 12, 2014

Nice shot, Brett!


May 12, 2014

Hi Brad, It's Spring here in the UK to, nice to see the greenery and life coming back, here is a shot from a few days ago in a Welsh valley.
   Morning light valley landscape   


May 12, 2014

I like spring! Unfortunately there is a spring with many rains and storms!


May 12, 2014

Spring is here, but here also the Warlords :(


May 12, 2014

Spring, flowers bloom, full of vitality. I like spring!


May 11, 2014

spring in michigan comes with the posting of garage sale signs... and lots and lots of potholes!



May 11, 2014

Good article and photos !