Happy Valentine's Day and Spring Ahead

Mine was sweet this morning! I reached 1200 UL's with a picture of my grandson having a relaxing moment.

Spring is almost here in my area and we've been having some temps 15 degrees higher than normal lately; this right after an ice storm.

It made me go digging into the "vault" to pull out a few summer photos from last year to get into the mood for the warmer weather. Don't you love it when you discover an unused shot that works?

Well, thanks DT, for the gift! It's almost as good as that ipod that I've never won.

Spring ahead everyone and don't forget to relax a little, too!

Man Floating in Water/Tube

Blue Ice

Photo credits: , Susan Leggett.
Susan Leggett
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  • Noonie
  • Clarkesville, United States
My real job is caning chairs and repairing wicker pieces, but photography is more fun. If you like my vintage photographs and need something specific, please feel free to leave me a message and I'll see if it's avaliable.

I love being outside and have many hobbies that take me outdoors.
Through my pictures you can get a glimpse of my lifestyle and all of the things I enjoy.

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I'd love to, now the decision is between a new lens and a trip :-)))


;)) It's Germany. Will you be there?


I guess you're busy planning your next trip and making me a very detailed map so that I can meet up with you! ;-)


Hey, Susan, great achievement! How did I missed it... Congrats!


Hi Susan Happy Valentines and congratulations it pays off to be persist ant and creative good for you. Peter


Great shots! Good luck with them and congratulations.


Hey, Ladies, shouldn't we be eating chocolates instead of working on the computer???


A Happy Valentines Day to you as well! Yes, spring is coming and none to soon! Cheers!


Mine was sweet, too. I finally jumped above 600 images ... Phuuuu .... Waiting for the spring when you could find something more to shoot.


Thanks, I plan on filling my schedule with nothing but good days!


Happy Valentine's Day! good shot!
Wish you have a good time every day!.