Happy Victory Day!!!

Dear Friends!

Today, on the 9th of May, we are having a huge Victory day celebration in Moscow, Russia. People go out to the streets and give flowers to Second World War veterans. We thank them for heroism and the Great Victory in the 1945. Is it same big holiday in your country, too?

Photo credits: Julia161.

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May 10, 2011


Happy Victory day!!!

May 09, 2011


happy victory day

May 09, 2011


Congratulations on your Victory Day.

May 09, 2011


We celebrated 8th may - the last day of Prague uprising. Red army came to Prague 9th morning and US army came to west part of czech at 8th may. Our country celebrated it on 9th may between 1948 and 1989 (there was communism), but after Velvet revolution we celebrate it on 8th may again.

May 09, 2011


Happy Victory day!

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