Happy White Day!

On a recent trip to Japan I walked into several convenience stores to find that Valentine's Day was still in action. I thought it was simply overzealous retailers trying to get rid of stock - but on closer inspection I found that they celebrate 'White Day' in Japan. It occurs today, on March 14 (although I guess it is already the 15th in Japan as I write this)...

White day is similar to Valentine's day, except instead of females giving males chocolates, the males reciprocate in kind. I'm no expert, but from what I read typical gifts are white chocolates, jewellery, marshmallows and cookies. The rule seems to be that the return gift is two to three times the gift received on Valentine's day.

A quick purusal of the stock photo collection doesn't show much in the way of specific photos for this. I'm hesitant to keyword my marshmallows 'white day' as 'day' by itself in the keywords seem like keyword spam :)

Happy White Day!

Photo credits: Brad Calkins, Paul Cowan, Isabel Poulin.

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Very interesting!!!


I live in Japan now. On Valentine's Day, women give men chocolate, and as Brad says, men reciprocate on White Day. Marketing genius, I guess. Split a holiday in two, and at least double the economic impact!


Very interesting, in my culture, even on normal valenties day you better buy your lady of preference a gift on valenties day, Otherwise!!!


Thanks for the input, DT helps us to know each community better. Never heard of white day.


Ummm, a very cool idea for another day of celebration...I really like the white chocolate part! Happy White Day to you as well. :)

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