hard to reach the first 100 dollar pay out mark

does someone have suggestings how to improve my sales?

I thinks I have a variety of photos

old pictures are being removed in a while cause quality improves after time

but I still dont understand, are it the keywords, is it something else

if you have poitive critism please tell me

Photo credits: Ramona Smiers.

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August 02, 2008


I will do :)

August 02, 2008


you have more pictures than me, and better pictures.

what you don't have is good keywords.

read my blog for suggestions. BLOG

August 01, 2008


@moonwalker: maybe it is, could be. But even is has to be sellable I want to be unique too and maybe shoot some that is covered already but in a different way.
Thanks for the tool

August 01, 2008


Thanks, I will add the keywords, I thought some of them are already in there
I dont think I want to be exclusive if its going this bad for now

August 01, 2008


Hi Ramona. I don't mean to be pedantic but I think it is the subject of your pictures what "fails". I haven't sold that much in DT but I do in other places, and also I've seen statistics of people here. And what I've learned is that sometimes a picture that is "nice" is not necessarily commercial. People buy useful images, because that's the point, they need the image to use it somewhere. Try to follow market and society trends and you'll be selling quite soon. At the same time, try to be original, because the same subject for a search might return thousands of results and yours has to stand out among them. Also keywording is very important, you obviously need to be found before anyone could buy your pics. Use this tool, maybe it helps you like it did to me. Good luck!

August 01, 2008


Nice portfolio! It's possible that keywords played a part. For example:

 Happy sibling 

keywords to consider:
sibling, siblings, happy, happily, two, expressions, play, playing, portrait, children, kids, youngsters, cheerful, emotion, male, female, leaning, smiling, fun

On another note, with 500+ pics online, you know you can get $100+ bonus commissions if you become exclusive photographer?

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