Has anyone successfully SOLD THE RIGHTS using SR-EL?

Airport terminal

150 and counting, I think I'm finally on a roll!

As a college student I find myself exploring my options. I have been traveling around quite a bit and taking photos everywhere I go. I have been into photography since grade school, now I am exploring microstock.

Orange Tulips in DC spring

I opened my account in late 2006 and uploaded a couple images. I hadn't really touched it until now. I am finally taking this seriously and have begun uploading at a steady pace.

I have sold some but my question is as follows: HAS ANYBODY BEEN SUCCESSFUL SELLING THE RIGHTS TO AN IMAGE using the SR-EL option? How common is it?


Photo credits: Salvador Ceja.
Salvador Ceja
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  • Santa Ana, United States

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March 11, 2008

I sold an image similar to this one [imgl]1101954[/imgl] and received $1500 for it, so that means it must have sold for $3000. Easy money when it does come, but it doesn't come too often. Just waiting for my second one...


March 11, 2008

Thanks it is nice to see this sort of thing does happen.

Does anyone have similar experiences here on Dreamstime?


March 11, 2008

Photographers are usually very discreete about their SR-EL sales, don't know exactly why. Maybe because of the a higher amount. To answer your question, they are not frequent at all per contributor, but they happen often site-wide. And they reach ALL kinds of contributors.
Here is something to motivate you:


March 10, 2008

Congrats Irisangel, My sales are limited as you can see but its obvious that the more you have the more you sell.

I noticed that those who specialize seem to do better than others. My portfolio is non focused on any specific topic, I have to many interests.

I want to get into illustrations, I have been producing many aimed at marketing over the last couple months and will upload them soon to see how they do. I noticed your portfolio is mostly illustrations and they are doing pretty well. Also they look good! Best, Sal


March 10, 2008

Hi, I have never sold the rights but today I was surprised to find that I had my first , Web Usage (W-EL), sale on DT. Nice to see that 25.00 figure in my sales column. Thanks to whoever downloaded my wedding invitation image. ID: 4437618 . I am very excited about this as I am also new here since mid January. I love this site and am really happy with sales, 196 so far!!! Thanks DT.


March 10, 2008

I'm sorry I can't help you. I wish I could! I have been with Dreamstime for only a few months and have often wondered the same thing. Can anyone enlighten us?