has anyone used the Canon XSi yet?

I might be in the market for a better camera hopefully in the next few months and I was wondering if anyone has used the new canon EOS XSi yet? just wondering how huch better it is then the canon rebel Xt 350D.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Happy Shooting!

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Photo credits: Ronald Van Der Beek.


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June 09, 2008


Love it. It works great, and for the price point is unbeatable. :-) enjoy.

Sarah Lindley Farnsworth

June 08, 2008


Ehhh I don't know really, it's actually my first SLR so I'm still getting used to it, but it seems to be doing pretty good so far =)

June 06, 2008


I actually did purchase one and it works amazingly well! The last 30 or so pictures in my portfolio are used taking it, feel free to check them out! If you have any questions just ask!

June 06, 2008


we have been looking at it. i have had issues with my XTI and we think they may have fixed some of the problems

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