Has microstock improved your life?

This is just a fun question, for the sake of a positive thought about our hobby/profession. In my case yes. It has improved my life in many ways:

- I have earned more money than I did before microstock

- I am free from work (I consider what I do daily a complete pleasure!)

- I have expandeded my knowledge of digital photography (I came from old times, film camera...)

- I experienced a transition from amateur photographic gear to professional ones

- I have a lot of satisfaction and joy everyday

- I teamed up with my wife for production of microstock photography and discovered we are both good at it (being a good teammate, I means!)

- I have known many new valuable and skilled photographers and made new friends, found advice when needed and exchanged opinions about our industry.

Well, that's a lot of improvement in my life... especially since I was starting my working life (many years ago) as a bank clerk! :-)

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April 03, 2009


Hi Dabobabo

thanks Paola. since I know you and your work, I'm sure you'll have a lot of satisfactions in your artistic career! But what is more important, as you say in your bio, you are an happy and positive person, and that is the most important thing in life. Go out and spread the joy!! :-)

April 03, 2009


Oh..YES it improve my life..:D It's been about 2 years I'm involved in it..I was growned up and earned some little money to change my photo gear..I can't right now dedicate to it all the time I would want, but I love to do it, I've found person like you and lot of others..and I'm learnig more and more..:D

April 01, 2009


Of course, microstock has changed my life. I am still learning and looking for my own way, but I don't regret single minute that I spend on taking photos and post processing them (finding time between one and another bottle of milk;-). Photography makes my days almost like my cute baby boy!

April 01, 2009


Yes it has!!! I just love doing this and after so many years of dealing with the public, it's nice to work when I feel like it, and I can work in my pajamas if I want to. No stress, no pressure. (And the extra money is great)

April 01, 2009


Yes, it has enriched my life besides making money,I have known a lot of friends on DT too.

April 01, 2009


Yeah certainly it did help me a lot, I'm getting money and at the time learning a lot. Only problem is that I have very less time due to this freelance web work.

April 01, 2009


Hi Desislava!

thank you for comment. Oh, you will not believe what will be for you in 3-4 years!! :-)) I am sure that if you'll commit more (as you will .-) in
short time you will see improved results and that will push you to do more and go on to became even better... in that way you'll start maybe even a new career! have a nice creative day!

April 01, 2009


Yes, microstock changed my life in so many ways - some of them you've already mentioned! It's great to be part of it! And I think it's this way with lots of our friends here! And it's only my first year in stock photography ... I wonder what it's going to be after 3-4 years :)

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