Has microstock improved your life?

This is just a fun question, for the sake of a positive thought about our hobby/profession. In my case yes. It has improved my life in many ways:

- I have earned more money than I did before microstock

- I am free from work (I consider what I do daily a complete pleasure!)

- I have expandeded my knowledge of digital photography (I came from old times, film camera...)

- I experienced a transition from amateur photographic gear to professional ones

- I have a lot of satisfaction and joy everyday

- I teamed up with my wife for production of microstock photography and discovered we are both good at it (being a good teammate, I means!)

- I have known many new valuable and skilled photographers and made new friends, found advice when needed and exchanged opinions about our industry.

Well, that's a lot of improvement in my life... especially since I was starting my working life (many years ago) as a bank clerk! :-)

Photo credits: Quentin Bargate, Ijansempoi, Scott Maxwell, Vaeenma, Yuri_arcurs.

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Oh..YES it improve my life..:D It's been about 2 years I'm involved in it..I was growned up and earned some little money to change my photo gear..I can't right now dedicate to it all the time I would want, but I love to do it, I've found person like you and lot of others..and I'm learnig more and more..:D


Of course, microstock has changed my life. I am still learning and looking for my own way, but I don't regret single minute that I spend on taking photos and post processing them (finding time between one and another bottle of milk;-). Photography makes my days almost like my cute baby boy!


Yes it has!!! I just love doing this and after so many years of dealing with the public, it's nice to work when I feel like it, and I can work in my pajamas if I want to. No stress, no pressure. (And the extra money is great)


Yes, it has enriched my life besides making money,I have known a lot of friends on DT too.


Yeah certainly it did help me a lot, I'm getting money and at the time learning a lot. Only problem is that I have very less time due to this freelance web work.


Yes, microstock changed my life in so many ways - some of them you've already mentioned! It's great to be part of it! And I think it's this way with lots of our friends here! And it's only my first year in stock photography ... I wonder what it's going to be after 3-4 years :)

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