Have a love of the window

 Every day I come home from work, passes through the window of some people, One window caught my attention, I pass the all year round, and they have no gorgeous curtain, but there has been a bunch of beautiful roses.

I thought must be plastic flowers or new couples, direct one day, a man of flowers to I asked him which one is for, she said the aim of nearly seven old couple, each book will be a rose in a few days. For a moment the old woman has white hair down with flowers. I envy them and wish them a lifetime of happiness.

 In fact, love and beauty around us all the time, as long as you to discover.

Thank you for your take time to read.

With rose windows

Photo credits: Tony Wang.

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July 03, 2015


What a lovely story behind a precious image.. Love surely bring a lot of joy. Best luck for you..

July 02, 2015


Congratulations for your nice post!

July 02, 2015


Seeing windows and, better yet, opening them is a beautiful way to see the world. I enjoyed your post. Xie xie ni.

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