Have the perfect plan while you are on the road

When you are on the road wanting to take a photo, you need to have a plan. If you feel like taking a photography on the road I've got some tips for you. I live up north in Norway, and are surrounded with mountains in midnight sun in the summer and Northern lights in the winter. Often I take the car when I'm going somewhere. Often I have a specific goal with my driving trip. I've got some few tips to decide what you want to take picture of. If I'm on a road trip, there is nothing better than time.

1. To have a plan - Decide what you want to take a photo of. Do I want landscape, people, ocean, animals, etc? This is getting you going, and is way more easy to have a objektive for the day. If you are on road trip, you could use the map to see the terrain, and decide when you want to arrive at the chosen place (remember to include the next point).

Sunset behind Lofoten Islands

2. Whats special with the road you are going (target of the day) -If you coming to Norway there will be a lot of epic mountains and fjords. Then this should be a target. Maybe you want to take a photo of the traditionally drying racks? Try to include this in the planning as you go.

Stockfish from Northern Norway, Lofoten

3. Time - This is my most crucial point when want to take a photography road trip. If you find a place on the way that you think is beautiful. Have lunch there and stay some hours to see if the light chances. If it's early or late, I could try to maybe get the target (mountain) with sunrise/sunset in the back. If the sun is high, maybe change the perspective. If you want to take a photography in the middle of the day, you could stay there some while, to check the shadows on the target. Are you having a bad time, note the place, and maybe you could come back?

4. Remember to have fun, and also live in the moment! Watch a lot before you take up the camera.

Downhill/Alpine skiing

Photo credits: Ole Magnus Berntsen.

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June 12, 2018


Like that picture of the dry fish

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