Have you backed up your photos lately?

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Ok, now that the party is over, the headache has gone and the room has stopped spinning, it’s time to get back to work, Yuk! I mean Yay! If you’re like me and never enforce a New Year’s resolution for longer than the time it takes to think of one, then it’s better to choose a really easy one, like backing up your images. I have my stuff stored on a very dodgy laptop and hopefully a not so dodgy external hard drive.

Sometimes I'm busy or procrastinate and put off doing backups, but it's always on my mind if I do. So even if you are tired after work or after a shoot, it's better to back up straight way. If you’ve ever experienced that sinking feeling when you realise that your data has been lost, then you know that backing up your images is something you should not put off. Mmm I’m starting to sound like my boss! Ok back to work everyone!

Photo credits: Rene Jansa.

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January 04, 2010


Always keep doubles. At least at one time my PC and external hard drive crashed simultaneously, but I had it all on disk. Happy new Year!

January 04, 2010


I am bad with backup, so I use an online backup in the background.
... Still have a headache ...

January 04, 2010


used on doing it,but yes...totally agree with you! :-)

January 04, 2010


Your lucky, i still have my headache, oh and yes that reminds me, have not backed up for some time now so time to get busy burning, thanks.

January 04, 2010


you are so right - backing up right now :)

January 03, 2010


I agree! Back ups should be done with no laziness!
But if the worse happen, don't get panic!

Check this BLOG I made some time ago!

Cheers ;)

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