Have you discovered “the black swan”?

© Dtguy

© Dtguy

Before discovering Australia's black swan, the European thought that the swan is the white, “the black swan” once was in the European conversation and the writing phrase, uses for thing which refers to is impossible to exist, but this unshakeable faith collapses along with the first black swan's appearance. black swan's existence implication uncertain significant rare event, it in strange, actually changes all.

© Dtguy
© Dtguy

I like the black swan, it is noble, elegant, has one kind of mystical feeling. I have also been seeking for “the black swan”, but, this may not be an easy matter, So have you found “the black swan”?

Photo credits: Dtguy.

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October 11, 2008


Hi Dtguy! I have a lovely shot of a pair of black swans found here in England in a wildlife sanctuary. They are so beautiful. Unfortunately DT didn't like my image!

September 16, 2008


I am originally from Lakeland, Florida, USA. My first home was on Lake Morton home of the swans to include the unusual black ones! I don't remember such red bills, but hey I was a little kid then!

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