Have you ever thought on Reviewers?

First of all,

this isn

So let me introduce you.


Each agency has own rules and preferences.


First i was shocked, but i looked at the comments and i must say, i agree with the reviewers.

Reviewers are humans and having a really hard job. I

So here are two don

Do not upload all your images, only the best ones.

Requirements: Sharp, no noise, correct lightning and good composition.

If you get a refusal, be self-critical. If you think the image is worth trying again, correct the problem and resubmit it. Leave a nice comment to the reviewer. Don

If you have unfinished files, that maybe have the same critique, delete them.

It is a learning process. If you noting the comments, you can be better. Reviewers wants to help you!

And always be friendly.

Thanks for reading this article and thanks on patiently reviewers

Have a nice day, lot of accepted ULs and DLs and fun!

© Nikitu

Photo credits: , Serban Enache, Ioana Grecu, Petarneychev.

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