Having better luck

started out june 2012 with 2 images on-line. health problems since 2010 and bad pics had silenced me until june this year.

My port is starting to grow now (slowly) although some bad pics keep popping up in my submissions. Got to take the bad with the good.

Maybe now my health and pic will pick up. Just goes to show - you have to try better every day.

Here's ny 4 newest.

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September 17, 2012


Good luck, I hope you do better now.

September 16, 2012


Thanks to each one. Hope your sales continue to soar

September 16, 2012


Good luck with health and sales

September 15, 2012


Good luck with your health and keep going with the photos. I like your creative pops of colour in your portfolio!

September 15, 2012


Good luck with sales!

September 15, 2012


Best wishes, hope your positive trend continues!

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