Having fun on Twitter

Do you like Twitter? I do. It


When I got started on Twitter, the first one I


What about you? Do you like using Twitter?

Thanks for reading! Your feedback is always welcome!

Photo credits: Mariaam.

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April 03, 2010


Nice illustration! But I'm not gonna join anything else at the moment! DT & FB are already giving much to distract & read :))
Cheers ;)

April 03, 2010


Tweet blog, thanks for the info.

April 03, 2010


Good news: You will only get tweets from the people you follow. Bad news: If they "retweet", you will also see messages from other users.

If you wanna get news from Chase Jarvis and Dreamstime, follow them when you start with Twitter. And maybe you will find other interesting people to follow or people will follow you, because they like your tweets.

Be careful, because there are also spamers on Twitter, but you can block them! You can even approve followers first, before they are allowed to see your tweets: Go to Settings > Account > Tweet Privacy > Protect my tweets.

I think it´s worth it to learn a little bit how it works. Maybe you will like it too. Have fun!

April 02, 2010


Well, maybe you can help me :) If I follow someone I get their tweets, which is good. But then I also see everyone who responds to them, which I don't care to see. For instance, I want to know when Chase Jarvis puts up a blog, or Dreamstime posts some news. I don't really care to see 100 'that's cool' type responses...

April 02, 2010


Bradcalkins Try it out! It´s cool if you know how it works. At the beginning it was strange, but after a while I liked it. Well, just take a little time and try it out... ;)

April 02, 2010


Not really, but I haven't spent much time on it.

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