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Sunrise and man

I am interested what any of you knows about hdr images and what do you think about them. From what i have seen, sometimes they are pretty good and some times are over done. what is your experience in this field and

do you have any tips for making the hdr images cool.

Photo credits: John De Bord, Robert Ivanov.
Vladimir Tatarevic
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December 11, 2007

I've read about it and tried it a couple of times but I never seemed to get the same effect as most people do. I've also read that you don't really need 3 images, you can do it with 1 image as well, but 3 images just have the best effect.


December 11, 2007

This ***.com has been very popular in certain ad campaigns for the past two or three years. Personally I love the impact but only when the result isn't over done. Just like any technique, it's easy to get overly excited about a process and apply it all the time. But as skills improve, the photographer usually integrates the 'trick' into his/her working style and uses it only when it's appropriate.


December 10, 2007

I think HDR is a very interesting technique. I enjoy using it with even just one RAW image. Usually, best results are obtained with 3 or more exposure-bracketed images. I have seen it overdone, and the results look cartoonish. I try to use it in a modest way, just enhance colors and "depth." I have a few photos here on Dreamstime that have been enhanced with HDR techniques.