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Heavy duty assignment winner ? What a great Joke ha ha.

My assignment picture on 'Heavy Duty' was voted Best.

Trust me, I am not a great photographer.

But, reading blogs of fellow photographers, and experts on DT has helped me a lot in improving my photography in last few months.

Every time, there is an achievement, like getting first approval, first sale, 50 uploads, 100 uploads, and first 100 dollors, I would feel great.

I have been submitting my pictures for assignments, but they were always rejected. I had no complaint, because I knew, I am not a great photographer.

Then, few weeks back, they approved my image for assignment. This thrilled me.

© Abpics

But, I never imagined that I would be able to get a picture approved in editorial section. Last week I got one such approval. This was a great moment for me.

However, It was beyond my wildest imagination, that my assignment image would be judged and voted best.

My eyes get slightly wet. I smile, laugh, called my son overseas. I am not that good, and this is a great funny joke.

May I say thanks to all those fellow photographers, who keep writing advised on message boards, and all people who blog with great advises.

I have learnt a lot from them, and this has really improved my skills.

I am still to improve a lot, but this award is something special for me.

They say I get an 80 GB apple iPod. Well, that would be perfect gift, that I will give to my 17 years young daughter.

I know, she will enjoy it most, while, I will keep enjoying my relationship with DT.

Photo credits: Arun Bhargava.


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August 17, 2008



August 16, 2008


Congratulations Arun, those are 2 great pictures

August 16, 2008


congrats!! 2 great pics you have above! best of luck with the others too!

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