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As everyone can see if he/she takes a look into my portfolio I have a strong affinity to climbing and alpinism.

So I would like to share some images with you that were taken on my last adventure.

My way brought me to Susten mountain pass (that is in the Swiss Alps on the boarder between Bernese Highland and Valais) and from there to the parking ground named "Umpol". Umpol is on the dead and of a small and narrow driveway that branches of from Susten pass road.

In this area there is many to do regarding alpinism: rock climbing, ice climbing, hiking and walking, searching for quartz and other minerals, back-country skiing, sunbathing, having a picnic, doing some alpine tours on glaciated 3000-meter-peaks like Sustenhorn, Gw├Ąchtenhorn, Vorderer/Mittlerer/Hinterer Tierberg, learn something about glaciers and climate change on an educative walking path, and last but not least doing the via ferrata to Tierbergli Hut, which lies on 2795 m above sea level in close vicinity to the Steingletscher named glacier that covers much of the area.

So, this time I chose the fixed rope route that leads up to Tierbergli Hut through a wild, rocky and secluded landscape. For this tour you should calculate about 3 hours of walking and climbing; but if you take time for photographing, seeking for crystals or just watching the landscape you can easily add another hour or so. I started short after noon on a cloudy and windy day; it was even colder than suspected, too cold for mid July I think. Because I had planned for warmer weather I did not carry warm clothes with me and the only way not to freeze was to move faster. As I reached the crux of the via ferrata I was powered out to some degree, not only due to the high pace I kept but also because of the heavy rucksack full of photo gear I carried with me. Well, the crux took all I had to give in this situation, the handles are long way away from each other, the wall one has to climb is slightly overhanging and gravity and heavy equipment do the rest, especially if someone is not very tall. 8 meters higher I knew that it will get easier with every step I walk from now on, and that thought pushed me forward. Coming nearer to the hut the terrain flattens and the wind reached me with all it's power. Well, talking about wind, I mean a real storm that pulled me to the ground to times. The hut in sight I headed on and finally I got to the warming shelter. What do you think I did first after entering the hut? Well, I drunk a big pot of hot tea... and second? I hurried out into the cold storm to take some photos of landscape and sunset.

After a short time I was shivering and jittering as I haven't done since childhood and flew into my home for the next night. The cosy and comfortable rooms and beds made me sleeping very well, especially as I had a hearty meal for night. On the next morning the clouds had gone away and a bright day started with a beautiful sunrise; it was still cold and windy (but not stormy) but the later it got the warmer it was. On my way down to my car I was sweating all the time because of the heat. For me it was a wild adventure tour in a beautiful part of Switzerland and I will remember these two days for a long time.

Photo credits: Cristalloid, Martin Lehmann.

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July 31, 2012


Beautiful images, congratulations!!!

July 30, 2012


stunning!!! well done!!

July 29, 2012


wowowow,, amazing stuff on your portofolio..

July 29, 2012


@Lindamstyle: I didn't hear of that yet.... well, after googeling about this issue I must admit that my images are much too bad for such a contest.... my images won't have any chance.....

July 29, 2012


Great shots! I presume you will participate in the Red Bull Illume photo contest?

July 29, 2012


Beautiful images!

July 28, 2012


Breathtaking images. The exhilaration you must have felt. Thank you for sharing.

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