Heavy rain makes wonderful things

Rainy days in a row are sometimes really depressive. Everything is gray and wet. However, once the rain stops, nature may show us wonderful things. That's how it is in the country I live. There is a magic well that revives during high water (snow melting) season or sometimes after several very rainy days. We call it "Nõiakaev" or a "manhole of a witch" in English.

As you know, people make manholes to get the water out from the ground with a pail. Our manhole makes it really easy as the water comes to you. Seriously! You don't have to let down the pail to fill it with fresh water an then pull it back up once it's full. You just have to place the pail on the ground and water flows in :) easy!

Usually the magic happens every spring when the snow is melting. This year, after a seven years of break, the well came alive in the mid summer after several days of heavy rain. It was really wonderful to sightseeing this time as everything around was green, now white.

So, if it is really rainy and gray outside, don't be depressed. Just think of what magic the water may offer and go see it.

Photo credits: Risto Hunt.

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i really like the thatched roof photo!


Wonderful pictures!


Very nice!!!


Your images are amazing. Congratulations.


I love images of nature and environment that may be completely different after the seasonal changes. Very good pictures, congrats!


beautiful images well done!


Interesting article and beautiful images, congrats!


Very nice.


Very interesting article! Thanks for sharing and ... Great photos!


Lovely images, very nice blog. Thank you. Ewapix

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