Heavy Traffic

The automobile has already walked into the Chinese family gradually,it has brought traffic jams and air pollution, more and more serious.

From home to my company there are 6 km away, I spent one hour time to complete this journey every day.Heavy Traffic,let me go crazy!

How should China's transport develop?

I think there are several aspects as follows:

1.To develop public transport,including the subway and bus;

2.To guide Automotive Consumer purchase and use of Low-Emission, green energy vehicle;

3.To enhance the awareness of environment protection.

Photo credits: Zhang Liwei.

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And I thought traffic here was bad in rush hour! It looks like it would probably be quicker and healthier to put on some roller-blades! You know the world's going mad when we all hop in our cars to travel at walking speed to work. lol :0)


WOW!! That traffic is really stacked up!!

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