Heed The Warning

Every year, on the east end of the pond a pair of Red-winged Blackbirds nest. And this Spring was no exception. The male is extremely protective and aggressive. He does everything in his power to lure one away from the nesting site, from faking injury, to daring aerial maneuvers, to even physically attacking the intruder. But before I let it get that far, I stop and let him do his dance, flex his muscle, scream at me from the top of his lungs. I have heard it all before, but this time I had a camera.

And on this particular day I casually strolled into his protected circle and stood at the pond’s edge nose-to-nose with high cat-tails, and simply waited. The side lighting was perfect, bringing the life to the far off greenery and exemplifying his rich orange wing markings. I snapped two shots and walked away, as not to disturb him any further. And I could have sworn I heard him say under his breath, “Yeah, and don’t come back this way again…"

Photo credits: Ryan Sartoski.

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Great photos. I wish you many, many sales!


Great images! Congrats


Your images are great, congratulations and good luck with them.


aw very nice story and pics. Go back and leave them some bread crumbs as model payment.


How would he fake injury? How cute & interesting!
Didn't we see photos of this same species when they fell dead in the U.S. recently?


nice pics


amazing the trust/distrust these creatures bestow upon us. and i am so ever thankful to be let into their little/big world. and to see the offspring grow up and take flight must be uplifting to any intelligent being, such as yourself. how someone can shoot a bird is beyond me. my camera has no bullets. i leave as if i was never there...


That was a good one.
I had a similar experience with the red vented Bulbul who decided to make a next in our Terrace.
When ever I go a little close, the female used to come and sit inbetween me and the nest (on the laundry line) And she used to give me all the poses tha I want, front, back, side....."click anything but don't go further into the restricted area"
I was lucky enough to see all the three kids (chicks) grow wings and fly away.


this was a Red-winged Blackbird photographed in a small pond area in Oberlin, Ohio, USA.


Nice pictures, where in the world was this?

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