hello, dreamstime!

hi, this is a joint id from peking, china.

yes, carmen as the wife and tianya is the name of the husband. we are both very interested in outdoor sports and taking photos. we are models of each other. you can find our images, especially those backs, here and there in our uploads.

we spent lots of weekends in the mountains, trekking along the great wall or looking for new blossom of wild flowers. carmen's biggest wish is to trek along the great wall as long as she can. and tianya's biggest wish is to taking photos for wild flowers as much as he can find.

each year, we make it out for a long trip to the southwest of china. landscape and tibetan culture there are amazing. flowers at high altitude are extremely beautiful.

now, we are newcomers in dreamstime. we just want to say hello and wish we can make friends here :)

Photo credits: Carmentianya.

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April 03, 2008


Good. The special photography team of a couple is welcome. You are expected to be the best combination here.

April 02, 2008


Welcome and good luck here at DT.

April 02, 2008


Hi there! You have some great images. You seem to have uploaded quite a lot considering you are new members!

April 02, 2008


Hi ,my best friends! I hope you will visit again soon Xi'an.Your photos very cool!

April 02, 2008


Welcome in our amicable community! ;) We are glad to see a new people always.
You have excellent photos in your portfolio!

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