Hello there!

I'm returned....I'm very happy to be here again. This bad time is running out, but I'm optimist and happy 'cause I know "the darkness goes away when the sun will rises again". And the sun is coming.

Very well, I want to show you my new illustration:

There are some things I want to write, but it's not easy explain what I have in my soul. I only want to give you an advice: when your illustration here in DT are refused, don't be afraid: maybe is "wrong" the final result, not the idea you had. So, take that illustration and "study" it again: change its colour, use another effect, add or delete some detail but don't throw it away :-)

See you soon,


Photo credits: Gheburaseye.

Your article must be written in English



I'll do it, Thank you :-)


great illustrations, you've got loads of talent, keep it up and good luck :)


That's right Fultonsphoto: I have to learn many things before becoming perfect. Comparing my first illustrations here in DT with the latest, I see some improvements and I'm very happy about that. :-)


Nice illustrations, never give up, just keep on learning.


Thank you Rebecca! You've got the same name of my nephew :-)


fab illustrations you have posted above, good luck with them!!



Hi fotomagique! I see your still lifes and I found them very beautiful! I'd like to create some photograph, but at the moment I prefer create illustrations...maybe in the future...
Thank you, regards, G.E.


I don't create illustrations, but I find them very intersting and very creative also!
Congratulations for your images and for your perseverance!


Thank you Mani. How are you?


Cool! Welcome back... Cheers ;)


thank you David :-)


I love your image tatoo on the shoulder; very creative. David.

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