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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to create a collection, but the system doesn't show me these two pictures after I add it to the collection:

If I try to add it again to the collection, the system says that are already there...but I can't see it!

Could you help me with this?



Photo credits: Chicco7.

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January 31, 2011


Thanks a lot Rosedarc, but unfortunately this isn't the case: my collection was online (with 6 contributors), every picture was visible but the two that I'm showing on the post...

I deleted the collection and created again, but I had the same problem.

January 31, 2011


In order for your collections to appear online, they must contain the work of at least 5 contributors (including you) - otherwise they stay private. At the moment I'd say that your collection doesn't show because you only put in your pictures. On your management area page, there's an icon for collections (near Buyers area), where you can check/edit all your collections; if it says users 1 then it confirm what I'm writing here.

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